Zeck Audio PT 9

Verhandlungssache - Potsdam

Zeck power amp PT9
one of the best amps ever made super reliable power house of a amp
Still in use every week!
Selling to upgrade, bigger venues need bigger power.
Its been in a flight case for many years on the road and has marks from riggers of live music
These beasts cost well over £1500 new and are built to last

The specs

2x600w at 8 ohms
2x920w at 4 ohms
2x1150w at 2 ohms

1x1180w bridge 16 ohm
1x1800w bridge 8 ohm
1x2300w bridge 4 ohm yip thats 2.3k of power!

482 x 88.5 x 450mm

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